What a beautiful baby! Before Samantha had Caiden I met with her for lunch. I had so much fun getting to know her. She is another tall girl like me. 🙂 The first thing that she said to me was, “yes, another tall one.” And she also is a dancer as well. Samantha is a very sweet and outgoing woman.

Caiden is so perfect from his head down to his beautiful little toes! He did so well during his time in front of the camera. I hope that you enjoy these photos.

Thank you Samantha and Jeff! I can’t wait to see you again and to watch your little angel grow. 🙂

  1. Samantha Day says:


    It has been great getting to know you, also! I am taken back by your creativity and overall photography skills. Plus, you kept him sleeping the whole time and moved him into a million different positions! That’s talent 🙂

    Thank you for capturing our precious baby boy as a newborn. I look forward to many more photoshoots!


  2. Samantha, you are too sweet!! Thank you!

  3. Nancy Wiley says:

    WOW! These pictures are awesome! Baby Caiden is so precious. Can’t wait to see him in person.

    Ms Nancy

  4. Brenda Foster says:

    ADORABLE!!! He is perfect. When can I babysit?:)
    XOXO Miss you both.
    “Auntie” Bren

  5. Carmen says:

    BEAUTIFUL BOY!!!! Love the pictures!

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