Shelby {Senior 2013}

I’ve got a gorgeous country shoot for you today!

Meet Shelby! Shelby is another 2013 senior! There are so many beautiful seniors this year! I met with Shelby and her mom at Cedar Hill State Park. I LOVE that place! We had a beautiful cloudy day. The light was pretty, but it did threaten to rain on us and the humidity was pretty bad. My hair was just a big ball of frizz. 🙁 But, we managed to get some awesome shots! Shelby is so gorgeous and she is so easy to talk to. And I LOVE her hair! I hope that you enjoy the rest of your senior year Shelby!!!


IMG_9368 IMG_9408-EditIMG_9422-EditIMG_9532 IMG_9536IMG_9557-Edit IMG_9574IMG_9575-EditIMG_9620 IMG_9645 IMG_9646IMG_9656 IMG_9662 IMG_9673 IMG_9697 IMG_9743IMG_9818-Edit IMG_9822-Edit IMG_9852 IMG_9897 IMG_9930

  1. Very pretty! Where did you shoot these at? It looks like rockwall. And did she wear those shortyshorts in the freezing cold?!

  2. Cedar Hill State Park. It was actually not too cold the day we took these. Texas weather changes so quickly. 🙂

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