It’s Monday

First of all, I’m sorry that my posts have not been very consistent lately. I need to get on a schedule. And to be honest I’m still a little apprehensive about blogging. I don’t ever know what to say. I wonder if anyone really reads it anyway. But I’m gonna keep working on it.

Coming this week!

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  1. I do, and I know that clients do! Mine always go look at my work. You can check your stats to see how many views on different posts and pages, and where they are being directed from. The more you blog and the more tags you put, the more likely you are to find an established, consistent spot on google and bing search, etc. 🙂

    Write about the experience you had with that particular shoot, why it was unique from any other, flatter your clients (you know they’ll be reading lol), state that you hope they love your work and hope to work with them soon, that sort of thing. 🙂

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