I love this precious family!! Sheila and I have been trying for MONTHS to set up this shoot. We finally got a time set, and then it rained. So, we rescheduled for the next day, and it worked!!

This shoot was so much fun!! These kids are goofy, funny, and they love each other. They are very sweet to each other and I enjoyed getting to know them!! Thank you Sheila for the opportunity to know your family and capture their beautiful personalities. 🙂

IMG_5914 IMG_5922 IMG_5934 IMG_5947 IMG_5993 IMG_6006 IMG_6015IMG_6018 IMG_6059 IMG_6097 IMG_6168 IMG_6173 IMG_6180 IMG_6191 IMG_6200 IMG_6202 IMG_6227 IMG_6239 IMG_6319 IMG_6345 IMG_6356

  1. Sheila says:

    Ashley – you could not have done a better job of capturing the essence of who they are!! THANK YOU! You are fabulous! These pics bring tears to my eyes. Thank you for sharing your talent with us – these pics are precious and priceless!

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