Relaxing on a Saturday

This past weekend Daniel and I got to spend the whole day together!!! It was so nice. 🙂 We slept late, went to Rockwall and took some photos, and then got a couple more fish for my tank. Here are a few shots from our afternoon at Harry Myers Park.

I hope that you have a wonderful Monday!!!

AshleyNicolePhotography_GrapevinePhotographer_DFWphotographer_AshleyJock_0425 AshleyNicolePhotography_GrapevinePhotographer_DFWphotographer_AshleyJock_0426AshleyNicolePhotography_GrapevinePhotographer_DFWphotographer_AshleyJock_0428AshleyNicolePhotography_GrapevinePhotographer_DFWphotographer_AshleyJock_0427AshleyNicolePhotography_GrapevinePhotographer_DFWphotographer_AshleyJock_0429 AshleyNicolePhotography_GrapevinePhotographer_DFWphotographer_AshleyJock_0430

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