1 year birthday shoot!

This adorable little boy is 1! It seems like it was yesterday that I was taking his newborn photos. We took his one year photos at Colleyville Nature Center.

He showed up with a huge smile on his face! We had some ups and downs throughout the shoot, but we ended up getting some pretty cute ones. (And a few frowny faces as well) I really loved the cake that she brought for the shoot. It is always fun to see how they react to the cake smash part of the photo shoot. He wasn’t so sure about it at first, but he got into it a little at the end. 🙂 I hope that you enjoy these big beautiful eyes and cute curly hair. And I hope that everyone had a wonderful 4th of July!

2014-07-02_0004 2014-07-02_0005 2014-07-02_0006 2014-07-02_0007 2014-07-02_0008 2014-07-02_0009 2014-07-02_0010 2014-07-02_0011 2014-07-02_0012 2014-07-02_0013 2014-07-02_0014 2014-07-02_0015 2014-07-02_0016 2014-07-02_0017 2014-07-02_0018 2014-07-02_0019 2014-07-02_0020 2014-07-02_0021 2014-07-02_0022 2014-07-02_0023 2014-07-02_0024 2014-07-02_0025 2014-07-02_0026 2014-07-02_0027 2014-07-02_0028 2014-07-02_0029 2014-07-02_0030 2014-07-02_0031 2014-07-02_0032 2014-07-02_0033 2014-07-02_0034 2014-07-02_0035 2014-07-02_0036 2014-07-02_0037

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