Amy {Senior 2015}

Amy is another 2015 senior at CCA! Amy is so beautiful inside and out! This girl is truly amazing. I had so much fun on her shoot! She brought her best friend, sister, and her dad with her. It was more of a party than a photo shoot. 🙂 We were laughing so much that my face was hurting by the end. And then the laughter continued after we finished shooting because her dad invited me to eat lunch with them! Thank you so much Amy for a wonderful morning/afternoon! I hope that you love your photos. 🙂

2014-12-01_0003 2014-12-01_0004 2014-12-01_0005 2014-12-01_0006 2014-12-01_0007 2014-12-01_0008 2014-12-01_0009 2014-12-01_0010 2014-12-01_0011 2014-12-01_0012 2014-12-01_0013 2014-12-01_0014 2014-12-01_0015 2014-12-01_0016 2014-12-01_0017 2014-12-01_0018 2014-12-01_0019 2014-12-01_0020 2014-12-01_0021 2014-12-01_0022 2014-12-01_0023 2014-12-01_0024 2014-12-01_0025

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