Reagan {Senior 2015}

Reagan is another 2015 senior from CCA! This session was awesome! It started off a little rough because I could not figure out where I was suppose to be. 🙂 I was shooting at a new location and ended up walking around for a while trying to find it. We shot at Mandalay Canlas in Las Colinas. After I finally found them the shoot went well! Reagan was awesome! For most guys it is hard for them to smile in front of the camera, but for Reagan it was hard to keep him from laughing the entire time. 🙂 I loved it! Every time I told him to be serious he would bust out laughing. Towards the end of the shoot he said that he wished that didn’t work every time. lol

Thank you Sheila and Reagan for a wonderful afternoon! It was a pleasure spending time with y’all. 🙂

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