Derek {Senior 2015}

Derek is another 2015 Senior at Covenant Christian Academy. We took his photos at Colleyville Nature Center and at The Village in Colleyville. This senior session was quite possibly the easiest one that I’ve ever had. I did not even have to finish my sentence and he was already posed the way that I wanted. And by the end of the shoot I didn’t have to say anything at all. 🙂

Thank you Derek and Susan for a wonderful afternoon! It was such a pleasure to meet you both!

2015-03-31_0001 2015-03-31_0002 2015-03-31_0003 2015-03-31_0004 2015-03-31_0005 2015-03-31_0006 2015-03-31_0007 2015-03-31_0008 2015-03-31_0009 2015-03-31_0010 2015-03-31_0011 2015-03-31_0012 2015-03-31_0013 2015-03-31_0014 2015-03-31_0015 2015-03-31_0016 2015-03-31_0017 2015-03-31_0018 2015-03-31_0019 2015-03-31_0020

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