Hunter {2015 Senior}

Hunter is another 2015 senior from Covenant Christian Academy. 🙂 We had to fit his photos in real quickly after school one day this week. We took a few at Sparger Park  and then headed over to Colleyville Nature Center. It was a beautiful afternoon, the weather could not have been any better!

Thanks Hunter!!! I hope that you enjoy what is left of your senior year. 🙂

2015-03-28_0002 2015-03-28_0003 2015-03-28_0004 2015-03-28_0005 2015-03-28_0006 2015-03-28_0007 2015-03-28_0008 2015-03-28_0009 2015-03-28_0010 2015-03-28_0011 2015-03-28_0012 2015-03-28_0013 2015-03-28_0014 2015-03-28_0015

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